Impact assessment support for the implementation of the Societies Empowerment Fund (SEF) under the USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program (USAID CIS) conducted for two grantees (Creativity Club Karak and EDAMA Association)

Category: Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Date: 2016-2017
Client: USAID- FHI360

To- Excel was contracted to provide an independent assessment of SEF grantees’ programmatic impact for its portfolio of projects to determine: extent of projects’ link to the organization’s programmatic objectives and mission, extent to which projects are designed upon and effectively address beneficiaries’ needs, extent to which sustainable change is occurring as a result of the organization’s efforts and extent to which the organization’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems effectively capture and report occurring change. This entailed designing the full assessment methodology and tools, appropriate sampling techniques, training the data collection teams, collecting the data (through surveys, personal interviews, focus groups), applying participative methods by involving the grantees’ team in the various phases, validation of collected data and implementation of data analysis and reporting key findings, conclusions and recommendations.