Implementation of a Population-based Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Baseline Assessment Study - USAID/Water Management Initiative (WMI) Project

Category: Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Date: 2018
Client: USAID- Water Management Initiative (WMI) Project

To- Excel was contracted to conduct a Baseline Assessment Survey to serve as the basis for designing a variety of the Water Management Initiative’s future programsincluding those related to outreach, education, behaviour change communications (BCC), gender, youth, and stability. The purpose of conducting KAP surveys over the life of the WMI Project is to gather data as a prelude to instituting programs of education and changing public behaviours in key water issues facing targeted communities. The KAP survey findings are intended to allow the WMI to achieve two objectives: a) establishing the baseline that will help the project measure the impact of its activities over years of implementation. Specifically, about number of people who have improved understandings of critical water scarcity issues facing Jordan, including the cost of water and importance of conservation, and the number of adoptions of technologies or techniques to save water or increase reuse of water. b) to understand the patterns of behaviour change among Jordanians and Syrians through identifying their knowledge about water resources and supply challenges in Jordan, and their attitudes and current practices toward water consumption pertaining to hosting communities within the north region governorates.